5 Benefits for Young Learner Entering International School di Jakarta

5 Benefits for Young Learner Entering International School di Jakarta

Attending an international school is one of the best choices for young learners of all ages. The curriculum that has international standards can influence the career and potential abilities to live in the future. Thus, Global Sevilla international school di Jakarta provides all students needs in terms of education. For further information, check this explanation!


The Benefits of Studying at Global Sevilla

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  1. Using International Standard Curriculum

As an international school, Global Sevilla implements the Cambridge Curriculum. This program sets a global standard of education and recognized by universities and employers worldwide. Thus, the alumnus of Global Sevilla has better academic performances when they are graduating from this school.

Not only that, this curriculum has flexible characteristics. So, it can adjust to another program that is challenging and inspiring. As a result, the students develop an informed curiosity and lasting passion for studying. Global Sevilla students also gain the essential skills for success at university and their future career.

  1. Effective Teaching and Learning Method

Good teaching is the key aspect to improve students’ performances. Thus, the international school di Jakarta provides the tools teachers need to enhance existing skills and develop new methods. In addition, the school also continuously updates the resources of Cambridge qualifications and syllabus to help the teachers give the best possible chance of success for students.

  1. Good Assessment

Good assessment lies in the fundamental aspects of the best education. Global Sevilla assessments are designed to be reliable, valid, practicable, and fair. For these reasons, every Cambridge exam provides an accurate picture of a student’s ability when the exam was taken. It means the assessments have real, lasting value and can be a lifelong passport to further education or careers.

  1. International Recognition

Universities and employers around the world accept students at Global Sevilla. It is due to the Cambridge curriculum and comes with an impressive reputation. Over 1,400 universities worldwide recognize the Cambridge Curriculum including in the UK and US. Thus, attending Global Sevilla can have significant opportunities to be accepted around the world.

  1. Global Community

A Cambridge Curriculum at the international school di Jakarta is part of a global community. Through the professional learning communities both online and offline share views, the students and teachers can collaborate with counterparts in different parts of the world as part of the Cambridge program.

Overall, entering an international school helps students expand their horizons and understanding of the world. It is due to the works beyond their immediate culture, community and curriculum. It gives students a chance to see a new way of life and embrace new opportunities in education and careers.


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