What Global Sevilla Offer As The Best International School In Jakarta?

Global Sevilla

Global Sevilla – When talking about numerous schools in Jakarta, some have the tag of “international School.” What makes them different, aside from using multilingual language? In this case, the answer will be the teaching process. Global Sevilla is one of the international school in Jakarta that quite capable of making high-educated graduates. With the focus on building positive personal characteristics, what is this school offer for the student? Here is the answer.


Here Are What The Global Sevilla As an International School 

Global Sevilla

  1. Focusing In Character Building

Global Sevilla decides to focus on the character building. It is quite rare in the current condition when the score and ranking are essential in education. The idea comes from believing that the positive character is as vital as excellent academic outcomes. Students will need to learn and find out their best potential, skills, abilities, and characters. With that in mind, they will be able to drive themselves in the future.

  1. Balanced Education

Just because this international school in Jakarta focuses on character building, it doesn’t mean that they neglect the academic side. This institution tries its best to offer a balanced education that leads to excellent academic performance, character, and thriving for emotional and social balance. Students will learn using the international learning syllabus and Cambridge curriculum as the base, without sacrificing fun elements.

  1. Mindfulness-Based Approach

To maintain the outstanding balance of academics and characteristics, this school also employs a mindfulness-based approach. The mindfulness-based system is where the school focuses on the student’s wellbeing. The idea is to create a solution to reducing the student’s stress and anxiety. Simultaneously, finding a way out to make and help the student improve and develop their academic and behavioral outcome.

  1. Three Kind Of Academic Levels

This international school in Jakarta knows that employing character building through education is not easy. There is a need for long term progress that starting from a young age. With that said, the Global Sevilla offers 3 kinds of academic levels, kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools. Each level has a different learning curriculum and approach that will come hand in hand in the student’s outcome, both academically or behaviorally.

The parents must consider numerous things before enrolling their children in a particular school; it includes international school. Even though this kind of institution has a high education process and approach, some focus only on the score. But the Global Sevilla tries to add more by using balanced education between academics and character. Thus, you can say that this institution is worth as our choice.

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